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Link Shortening

Like bad body odour, people avoid clicking on long and ugly Links. Why? Because they smell suspicious, look ugly and make sharing more difficult. That is why you NEED to shorten your links! Just use's free link shortening tool to give your likes the makeover they need to get more clicks and make sharing easier. You owe it to you links!

Link Cloaking

Cloak your links using to hide those long and ugly tracking links or obvious affiliate links and keep things short and sweet. It's the ultimate protection tool and way too easy. Plus, it's free! And did we mention, it will help protect you against lost or stolen affiliate commissions and lower your stress? It's win/win. And it's good for your health!

Click Stats

If you're the type of person who likes stats, you'll love Want to see how your links are going, if they're getting clicks and where they're coming from? Well look no further than! We'll provide you with full click stats and link analytics so you can see what's what. And its all in Real-Time, so you can sit back and watch the action as it happens. Ding dong!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to shorten and cloak my links?

Shortening and cloaking your links is a great way to help you:

1) Increase your click through rate as shorter links are deemed more trustworthy and professional.
2) Increase your email delivery rate as cloaked affiliate links are less likely to trigger spam filters than uncloaked affiliate links.
3) Protect your links so to prevent loss or stolen affiliate commissions.
4) Finally, get insight into the amount of clicks your links are receiving and where exactly those clicks are coming from.

What kind of stats will provide?

The stats we provide are, Latest links, Recent Clicks, Browsers, Countries and Operating Systems. We also tell you the IP address for each click you receive, what time they clicked on your link and what link they clicked on.

Can I see my link stats even if I am not signed up?

Yes, you can see your stats even if you’re not a member of All you need to do is tell us your email address and we will send you an email with a link to your stats page.


You can add a ‘+’ symbol to the end of your shortened link. So, to look like…

Why do I need a account?

There are a two reason why having a account is better…

1) You can easily add more links and delete them.
2) Having an account will allow you to better manage and access all your links and stats under one account/ page instead of having multiple pages.

To sign up please go here and click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top of the page.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No, we do not require any payment details from you. Signing up to is super easy and completely free!

How long are the links in active for?

The links you create in stay active forever, unless you manually disable or delete them. Once you Disable or delete a link, the link will stop working and any person who clicks on it will be directed to a 404 Error page.

Will stats show me where my clicks are coming from?

Yes, will provide you with the IP address of every unique click that you receive. will also provide you with the time/date each visitor clicked on your link, the browser and operating system they were using.

Can I shorten a link pointing to another URL shortener?

Yes, you can shorten a link from another shortening service.

What do I get with a paid account (

Simply everything. is more than just your basic links management software. It has over 30 different features that will help you get more in-depth analytics on all your link traffic, optimize your marketing campaigns and maximize your earning potential. Some of these awesome features include things like Conversion tracking, Email tracking, Geo- Tracking, Geo- Targeting, Split Testing, Link Rotation, Link Redirection, Marketing popups and so much more! The possibilities are endless.

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