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Clickly: Free URL Shortener & Link Management

Turn any link a marketing & analytics machine

With Clickly, turning long URLs into short links is just the start. Each link you create includes click tracking, traffic analytics, and data to help you run your marketing campaign.

Customer Targeting

Target your customers for any marketing campaign. Create custom, branded links to target potential customers by location, social media platform, or referral source.

Tracking Analytics

Get crucial customer data from any marketing campaign. As the clicks come in, you'll get insight into the success of your campaign - no technical skills required.

Customer Experience

Increase conversions by providing a personalized sales funnel that turns boring marketing campaigns into lead magnets for any business or organization.

Showcase your links in one place

Have multiple links to share? Create a custom link-in-bio page to give customers access to all of your campaigns and funnels through a single link.

  • Manage Your Links
  • Track Every Click
  • Customize Your Profile
Link-in-bio Pages
Target your customers with ease

Clickly makes it easy for marketers to learn more about the customers in their network. Get insights into who interacts with your campaigns and streamline your marketing efforts.

  • Protect Customer Data
  • Control Your Content
  • Interactive Dashboard
Tracking & Analytics
QR Codes
QR codes

Create customized, branded QR codes in seconds for every campaign that increase engagement with your customer base.

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Get more from your marketing campaigns with each click

Clickly makes it easy to see results from your marketing efforts. Get location, demographic, and conversion data from every customer interaction.

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Features to customize every marketing campaign

Custom Landing Pages

Create landing pages that personalize every campaign and customer interaction.

CTA Overlays

Create call-to-action overlays on your target page that includes polls, contact forms, and more.

Event Tracking

Add tracking pixels to see who is clicking your links and engaging with your campaign.

Team Management

Invite members of your team to collaborate and work together all in the same dashboard.

Custom Domain Names

Add your own domain name to spread the word about your brand while using our platform.

Powerful API

Use our API to develop your own custom applications or integrate our tool with your own.


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