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Boost engagement for your brand with Clickly’s full suite of URL shortening & branded link management.

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Grow your business & improve workflows

Get branding & tracking opportunities anytime you share a short link online.

Fast & easy short URL generation

Generate short links at scale in seconds. Customize each link with your own slug. Increase CTR and ROI with memorable short URLs.

Easily manage your links

Manage all of your links in our user-friendly dashboard. Quickly edit or update links in bulk. Organize links for any purpose in our channel manager.

Tracking links for any platform

Add UTM parameters to get referral sources. Tracking pixels for conversion and retargeting. Campaign manager to measure marketing efforts.

Add your brand to each link

Create branded links and customize every link you share. Build brand awareness and rename your links whenever your want.

Custom Domains

Use your own domain name

Use a custom domain or a branded short domain to increase engagement and boost your brand’s footprint online. 

Click Tracking

Analyze & optimize link performance

Monitor the performance and traffic of each link. Get targeting data for optimizing campaigns with real time click analytics.

Create a free bio link for social media

Create and customize your own link in bio page for free. Feature all of your content with one link and increase engagement on social media.

QR Codes

Custom & branded QR codes

QR code generator for static and dynamic visual links. Bulk QR codes for all of your campaigns. Add your logo and more customizable features.

File Sharing

Upload, download, & transfer files

Transfer files with protected download links. Branded download pages to host your files. Accept file uploads safely and securely.


Short links with tracking & analytics

Turn every short link into an engagement & tracking tool for your brand.

Call-to-Action Links

Show call-to-action overlays on any short link's destination URL.

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Link Rotator

Direct visitors to rotating destination URLs through a single short link.

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A/B Testing

Test multiple URLs on a landing page without updating the link.

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Password Protected Links

Safely share content through secured password links.

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Mobile Deep Links

Connect users to mobile applications with automatic app redirection.

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Geo Targeting

Redirect visitors to different URLs based on their detected location.

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Language Targeting

Redirect visitors to a different URL based on their detected language.

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Device Targeting

Redirect visitors to different URLs based on their detected device.

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Splash Pages

Add transition pages that show content during link redirection.

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URL Masking

Cloak any URL so visitors only see your custom masked link.

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Temporary Links

Add visitor limits to a link based on duration, clicks, or a fixed expiry date.

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Bulk Links

Generate multiple short links at once through a bulk uploader.

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