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Amazon Link Shortener is a free short link generator powered by Clickly. Whether for sharing a wishlist by text or linking to an affiliate product in your blog, short Amazon links are proven to increase click-through rate and reader interest. Enter any long URL from Amazon and create a clean, simple short link that’s easy to share by email, social media, and anywhere else online. 

What is an Amazon Link Shortener?

An Amazon link shortener is a digital tool designed to compress long Amazon product URLs into shorter, more user-friendly versions.

These shortened URLs not only improve the look of your marketing materials but also make your links more accessible and manageable for tracking purposes, ensuring a more polished and efficient approach to online selling.

Why Use Amazon Short Links?

Utilizing short links in your Amazon marketing efforts brings several advantages.

Shortened links create a cleaner, more attractive presentation of your products, encouraging clicks.

They also facilitate detailed tracking of customer engagement, providing insights into click-through rates and the effectiveness of your marketing tactics.

Additionally, customized short links can reinforce your brand identity, making your links instantly recognizable to customers.

How to Shorten Amazon Links

Creating short links for Amazon is a simple process with the help of our Amazon URL shortener. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Paste your URL into the long URL field.
  2. Click ‘Shorten‘ to generate the short Amazon link.
  3. Share your Amazon short link online.

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