Best Podcast Platforms for Hosting & Distribution

Best Podcast Platforms for Hosting & Distribution

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Podcasts have become a pivotal medium for storytelling, education, and entertainment. To successfully launch and manage a podcast, understanding the distinction between hosting and distribution platforms and identifying the best ones are crucial. This article explains what these platforms are and lists the top options available today.

What is a Podcast Hosting Platform?

A podcast hosting platform is a service where podcasters can upload, manage, and store their podcast files.

It provides the infrastructure to host audio files, generate RSS feeds, and offer analytics on listener behavior and engagement.

Essentially, it serves as the backbone for podcast operations, ensuring that the content is accessible and stable.

Top 10 Podcast Hosting Platforms

  1. Libsyn: Known for pioneering podcast hosting, Libsyn offers robust analytics and monetization options.
  2. Podbean: Offers unlimited hosting plans and promotional tools to grow your audience.
  3. Buzzsprout: User-friendly, offering detailed analytics and website integration features.
  4. Anchor: Free hosting with automatic distribution and monetization facilities.
  5. Transistor: Provides professional podcast hosting with powerful analytics.
  6. Simplecast: Comes with industry-leading features like the one-click publishing and in-depth listener insights.
  7. Blubrry: Offers a WordPress integration that is perfect for bloggers-turned-podcasters.
  8. Castos: A great choice for seamless WordPress integration.
  9. Spreaker: Known for its live podcasting capabilities.
  10. Acast: Provides tools for hosting, monetization, and detailed listener analytics.

What is a Podcast Distribution Platform?

While hosting platforms store your podcast files, distribution platforms ensure your podcast reaches your audience beyond your own podcast website.

These platforms distribute your podcast’s RSS feed to major listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, maximizing your show’s reach.

Top 10 Podcast Distribution Platforms

  1. Apple Podcasts: The largest platform for podcast discovery and listening.
  2. Spotify: Fast becoming a leader with extensive podcast analytics and user base.
  3. Google Podcasts: Integrates with the Android ecosystem, making podcasts easily accessible to Android users.
  4. Stitcher: Popular among podcast listeners for its car-friendly interface.
  5. TuneIn: Offers access to millions of users worldwide.
  6. iHeartRadio: Integrates podcasts with its massive radio network audience.
  7. Podcast Addict: A favorite among Android users.
  8. Podchaser: Known as the “IMDb of podcasts,” it’s great for discovery and listener interaction.
  9. Deezer: Expanding its presence in the podcasting world with global reach.
  10. Amazon Music / Audible: Emerging as powerful platforms for podcast distribution.

Best Podcast Platform for Monetization

For monetization, Anchor stands out due to its no-cost hosting and seamless integration with Spotify, which includes access to Spotify’s proprietary advertising network.

Additionally, Podbean’s monetization platform is noteworthy, providing access to a marketplace where podcasters can connect with advertisers directly.


Choosing the right hosting and distribution platforms can significantly affect your podcast’s success. It’s essential to consider factors such as ease of use, analytics, and growth tools when trying to gain subscribers to your podcast.