The 20 Best URL Shorteners (Free & Paid)

Published on February 15, 2024

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, URL shorteners are essential tools for anyone looking to share content online more effectively. These services not only help condense long URLs into more manageable links but also offer vanity URLs and valuable insights through tracking capabilities. From social media enthusiasts to digital marketers, everyone stands to benefit from the convenience and analytics provided by URL shorteners. Let's dive into a comprehensive list of 20 URL shorteners that can help streamline your digital sharing and elevate your online presence.


Clickly ( is a link management tool designed for marketers. Clickly offers a free URL shortener in addition to link management, click tracking, user analytics, and much more.

Renowned for its robust tracking features and extensive link management tools, remains a leader in the URL shortening space. Customize your links and analyze their performance to optimize your digital strategies effectively.


TinyURL offers a quick and simple way to shorten links without the need for registration. It’s perfect for users seeking convenience and speed in their link-sharing activities.

Integrated within Hootsuite, is a fantastic option for social media managers looking to consolidate their link shortening and analytics within a single platform.


Focusing on branded links, Rebrandly helps businesses maintain their identity online by allowing custom domain names for shortened URLs, coupled with powerful tracking features.


With its promise of unlimited URL redirects and detailed analytics, including QR codes, T2M is a comprehensive solution for users needing extensive link management capabilities.


ClickMeter caters to marketers with its conversion tracking, A/B testing, and detailed analytics, making it ideal for optimizing digital campaigns across various channels.


For those who prefer a self-hosted option, YOURLS offers an open-source platform for creating and managing shortened URLs with complete control over data.


Polr is another open-source, self-hosted URL shortener, known for its minimalistic design and ease of use, suitable for users looking for a straightforward solution. provides a simple and effective way to shorten URLs, with options for customizing links and straightforward tracking, ideal for quick sharing needs.

Monetize your links with, which offers a unique twist by allowing users to earn money each time a shortened link is clicked.


BL.INK combines powerful link management with detailed analytics, offering solutions for enterprises and individuals alike who need to track their digital footprint meticulously. allows for easy link shortening and tracking, with options for link editing post-creation, making it a flexible choice for dynamic online activities.

Provided by Buffer, is designed for seamless social media management, allowing users to shorten, share, and track links directly within the Buffer platform. adds a unique feature by allowing users to attach a call-to-action to every link they share, enhancing engagement and conversion opportunities. offers real-time link tracking and detailed statistics, along with custom URL options, presenting a reliable and user-friendly link shortening service. stands out with its simplicity and ease of use, offering basic link shortening and customization options without overwhelming users with features.


Clkim specializes in monetization and engagement, allowing users to shorten links, insert interstitial ads, and track user interactions comprehensively. combines link shortening with monetization, offering users the ability to earn money through their shared links, with an emphasis on ease of use and profitability. is known for its simplicity and effectiveness in shortening URLs, providing basic analytics and customization options for casual and professional users alike. not only shortens URLs but also turns them into QR codes, offering a unique way to share links in print and digital formats seamlessly.

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