24 Best URL Shorteners

Table of Contents

URL shorteners play a crucial role in managing and tracking URLs, providing insights, and improving link aesthetics. Here are 24 leading URL shorteners, each with its unique set of features:

  1. Clickly: We offer branded URL shortening in addition to a full suite of link management products.
  2. Bitly: Known for its comprehensive link management and analytics capabilities, Bitly is a favorite among professionals for tracking and optimizing their links.
  3. TinyURL: TinyURL simplicity and ease of use for quickly shortening links without the need for an account, making it ideal for casual users.
  4. Rebrandly: Rebrandly focuses on creating branded links that help businesses enhance their brand visibility and credibility across digital platforms.
  5. Ow.ly: Integrated with Hootsuite, Ow.ly is perfect for social media marketers looking for a way to shorten links directly within their social media management platform.
  6. T2M: Provides unlimited URL shortening along with detailed analytics, QR codes, and custom short links, catering to users who need in-depth link tracking.
  7. BL.INK: This tool is aimed at enterprises and professionals who need detailed analytics and link management features to support their marketing strategies.
  8. is.gd: A simple, effective shortener that offers basic link tracking and QR code generation, ideal for users looking for straightforward functionality.
  9. Shorte.st: Besides shortening URLs, it offers a way for users to earn money by sharing shortened links, adding a unique twist to the usual URL shortening service.
  10. Polr: An open-source project for those who prefer a self-hosted option, offering basic analytics and a customizable dashboard.
  11. YOURLS: Another open-source option that allows users to run their own URL shortening service, with features like bookmarklets for easy link shortening.
  12. ClickMeter: Designed for marketers, affiliates, and publishers, it offers detailed tracking and analytics to monitor and optimize online marketing campaigns.
  13. Linkly: Easy to use with features like link tracking and redirection, making it suitable for small businesses and digital marketers.
  14. Hyperlink: Offers custom branding and analytics, focusing on businesses that want to create and track links that resonate with their brand.
  15. T.ly: T.ly is known for its simplicity and efficiency in link shortening, with options for link tracking and analytics.
  16. Tiny.cc: Allows users to shorten links, track, and manage them with simple tools, suitable for both personal and business use.
  17. Buff.ly: Provided by Buffer, this tool integrates well with the Buffer platform, making it a convenient choice for Buffer users.
  18. Zapier’s URL Shortener: Ideal for automation enthusiasts, this tool can be integrated into workflows to automatically shorten URLs across various apps.
  19. Bit.do: Offers real-time link tracking and analytics, with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness.
  20. Cutt.ly: Provides detailed analytics and custom link options, catering to users who need insights into their link performance.
  21. Branch.io: Specializes in deep linking technology for mobile apps, offering tools to enhance user experience and track app engagement.
  22. Sniply: Adds a custom call-to-action to each link you share, making it a powerful tool for digital marketers looking to drive conversions.
  23. Linktree: While not a traditional URL shortener, it allows users to create a personalized page with multiple links, perfect for social media bios.
  24. ShortURL: Provides a straightforward service for shortening URLs, with basic tracking features for monitoring link performance.