Clickly vs. Bitly: The Best Bitly Alternative

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Searching for an alternative to Bitly? Look no further than Clickly! In this blog post, we’ll compare Clickly and Bitly to see which link management platform is best for you.

Free Bitly Alternative: Clickly Free Tools

While Bitly offers free URL shortening, their tool requires users to sign up for an account. This goes the same for their QR codes and link in bios.

Clickly offers an array of free tools for creating and shortening links. The best part? No sign up is required! Here are some of our most popular tools:

Bitly vs. Clickly Pricing

When comparing Bitly’s pricing structure to Clickly, we come out on top every time.

1st PlanFree – 10 linksFree – 10 links (plus free tools)
2nd Plan$8/month – 100 links$4/month – 500 links
3rd Plan$29/month – 500 links$12/month – Unlimited links
4th Plan$199/month – 3,000 links$24/month – Unlimited links

Not only does Clickly offer more free features than Bitly, but our paid plans include more features too.

In fact, our $12/month plan comes with more short links and the same tracking features as Bitly’s $199/month plan.

Talk about a great deal! So wait no more, join Clickly today and get started with the best Bitly alternative on the web.