Branded Links: Short Links to Promote Your Brand

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Branded links, a powerful evolution of standard short links, enhance your brand’s visibility and trustworthiness with every click. This article explores what branded links are, how they function, their benefits, and how you can create them to strengthen your digital presence.

What is a Branded Link?

A branded link is a shortened URL built around a brand name or relevant keyword that helps to promote your brand and increase its visibility online.

Unlike generic short links, branded links incorporate your business’s name or key terms into the domain and slug, making them more recognizable and trustworthy to users.

While often referred to as a vanity URL, these links have a greater use when it comes to managing and tracking links.

How Do Branded Links Work?

Branded links work by utilizing three main components: custom domain names, short links, and custom slugs. Let’s breakdown these components to better understand how branded links work.

1. Custom Short Domain Names

The first component of a branded link is the domain name. When sharing links online from a generic URL tool like Bitly, you’re essentially giving their platform free promotion.

Instead, users can create branded links with their own domain name. This way anytime you share a link to your content online, you’ll also showcase your brand name within the link.

While you could use the domain name of your main website, branded links work best when using a custom short domain that connotes your brand name without being longer than a handful of characters.

2. Shortened Links

The second component of branded links is link shortening.

Since you won’t be sharing the actual long URL of a given piece of content, short branded links provide a seamless way to fit any URL into any platform, regardless of character limits.

3. Custom Slugs (Back Half of a URL)

The third component of branded links is customizable slugs. The slug is a part of a link that comes after the domain name, immediately after the slash.

For example, you can customize the latter part of your URL to make it relevant to the specific content or campaign (e.g., “/sale” or “/new-product”).

Benefits of Using Branded Links

Branded links provide a wide array of benefits. Here are some of the most common:

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Consistency

Every time a branded link is shared, your brand name is displayed, increasing brand recognition and reinforcing your brand’s identity across different media.

Increased Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Studies have shown that branded links can significantly improve click-through rates compared to generic short links because they provide clarity and evoke trust when compared to long URLs.

Improved Link Management

Our platform not only makes it easy to create branded links, but it also makes managing your links much simpler.

Instead of looking for a URL in a long list of URLs, your branded links will immediately communicate what content it leads to.

Greater Control Over Perceptions

Branded links help maintain a professional image and can positively influence user perception due to their clear and direct naming.

Do Branded Links Affect SEO?

If done correctly, branded links can greatly improve a brand’s SEO. This is because the root domain and any shortened links point to your website’s main domain name.

When your branded links are posted online, they function as any other backlink would by improving a domain’s authority.

That being said, it’s important to note that using a custom domain for branded links can have negative effects if not set up correctly.

Ensure that your branded links do not host content of your own in order to avoid duplicate content issues.

Furthermore, utilize proper redirects to make sure search engines know that your main domain (not your branded domain) is the canonical link to be referenced.

How to Create a Branded Link

In order to create branded links, you’ll need to start with getting a domain name to use. Click here to learn how to get your own domain, then come back to this page.

Creating branded links with Clickly is straightforward by following these steps:

  1. Open your Clickly dashboard and go to the link tool.
  2. Paste the long URL you’re sharing into the URL field, then click the settings icon.
  3. Under ‘Domain,’ select the custom domain name you’ll use for your branded link.
  4. Under ‘Custom,’ enter a keyword that connotes the content you’re sharing to customize the link slug.
  5. Lastly, click ‘Shorten‘ to generate your branded link.

Start Generating Branded Short Links with Clickly

By incorporating Clickly branded links into your digital marketing campaigns, you can enhance user engagement, boost brand awareness, and track the effectiveness of your content with precision. These links not only streamline user experiences but also fortify the credibility of your digital content.

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