What is a Branded Short Domain?

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Branded short domains have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to enhance their online presence, streamline marketing efforts, and boost brand recognition. In this guide, we’ll explore what branded short domains are, their benefits, provide examples, and guide you on how to create and purchase your own.

Branded Short Domain Names Explained

A branded short domain is a domain name used by businesses for creating shortened links that feature their brand name. It functions as a custom URL shortener for sharing branded links online.

Branded short domains come in many different shapes and sizes. Here are some common types:

  • Domain Hacks (yoursite.com > your.site)
  • New Extensions (yoursite.com > yoursite.link)
  • Subdomains (yoursite.com > link.yoursite.com)
  • Subfolders (yoursite.com > yoursite.com/share)

Unlike with domain hacks or domains with new extensions, subdomains and subfolders utilize the same root domain as the main website.

Branded Short Domains Examples

Thousands of businesses of all sizes utilize branded short domains for their marketing efforts. Here are some well known brands that do:

  • Nike: Nike uses swoo.sh to create short links for their product lines and showcase their “Swoosh” logo name.
  • Amazon: Amazon uses a.co as a short link redirect across their website.
  • Google: Google’s discontinued URL shortener used goo.gl as a way to maintain brand identity.
  • The New York Times: NYT uses nyti.ms to share articles online and avoid sharing their long URLs.
  • Clickly: We at Clickly use cl.gy for many short links, although our main domain click.ly also functions as a branded domain name.

Can a Branded Short Domain Be Too Short?

Branded domains can be as short as a single character and still operate perfectly. In fact, it’s often better to have a shorter domain for redirects due to character limits on various platforms.

The shortest these domains can be is one character before the dot and a two-letter ccTLD after the dot. As long as the short domain reasonably connotes a particular brand, it can serve its purpose.

How to Purchase a Branded Short Domain

Here’s how you can find and acquire the perfect short domain for your brand:

  1. Brainstorm Brand Ideas: Start by brainstorming condensed, abbreviated, or creative versions of your brand name that align with your product, service, or marketing message.
  2. Find a Matching Domain Name: Search online for domain names that match the brand idea. Consider domain hacks, ccTLDs, or new extensions to find the perfect domain.
  3. Acquire the Domain: Next, you’ll need to register the domain name or acquire one in the aftermarket. If the one you want is already taken, you’ll need to track down the owner or consult a domain broker to try to acquire it.


Branded short domains offer numerous benefits for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence, drive engagement, and reinforce brand identity.

By following these steps and leveraging the power of branded short domains, you can create memorable, impactful URLs that resonate with your target audience and elevate your brand’s digital marketing efforts.