How to Shorten URLs with a Custom Domain

How to Shorten URLs with a Custom Domain

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URL shorteners with custom domains have become vital tools for businesses looking to enhance brand visibility and streamline communication with their audience. This article explores its benefits, practical use cases, and a step-by-step guide on how to shorten URLs using a custom domain.

How to Shorten URLs with a Custom Domain

Clickly makes it easy to create short URLs with a custom domain name. Here’s how:

  1. Register a short branded domain name to serve as a root domain of your short links.
  2. Go to your Clickly dashboard and click ‘Branded Domains‘ on the left side menu.
  3. Click ‘Add Domain‘.
  4. Enter the domain name (with https://) under ‘Domain‘.
  5. Under ‘Domain Root,’ enter a destination URL for when visitors navigate to the root domain.
  6. Under ‘Domain 404,’ enter a destination URL for when visitors navigate a broken short link.
  7. Click ‘Add Domain‘ to connect the domain to your account.
  8. Lastly, create an A record at your domain registrar. The A record should point to the IP address listed in the Clickly dashboard.

What is a Custom Domain URL Shortener?

A custom domain URL shortener allows businesses to create branded links, or shorter versions of URLs using their own branded domain name.

Instead of using the generic domain of URL shorteners like ‘‘, these custom options not only reinforce brand recognition but also increases user trust in clicking through links.

Benefits of Custom Domains

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a custom domain to shorten your links:

Brand Visibility and Consistency

Using a branded URL helps maintain consistency across your digital marketing efforts, strengthening brand identity and increasing visibility across various platforms.

Increased Click-Through Rates

Custom domains often result in higher click-through rates as they provide a sense of security and professionalism that generic shorteners lack.

Improved Link Management

With a custom URL shortener, businesses have full control over their links, including the ability to track performance, edit destination URLs, and customize the slug to better fit the content or campaign.

Custom Domain Use Cases

Here are some popular use cases for short links using a custom domain:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Custom shortened URLs can be used in social media posts, text messages, email marketing campaigns, and printed materials to track engagement and provide a clear call-to-action.
  • Event Promotions: For promoting events or webinars, custom URLs make sharing and remembering the link easier for potential attendees.
  • Educational Resources: Universities and online educators can use custom links to guide students to course materials or registration pages in a concise and branded manner.