How to Create a Digital Download Link

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From eBooks and software to music and videos, digital downloads offer a convenient way for creators and businesses to deliver their products instantly to consumers worldwide. This article explores digital downloads along with a step-by-step guide on creating digital download links.

What are Digital Downloads?

Digital downloads are files that consumers can download to their computers, tablets, or smartphones from the Internet.

These files can be any form of digital media including PDFs, software, games, music, or videos.

Unlike physical products, digital downloads are delivered electronically to the consumer’s device immediately after purchase, eliminating the need for shipping and handling.

How Do Digital Downloads Work?

Digital downloads work by providing a direct link to a file stored online.

When a user purchases or opts to download a file, they click on this link, which then allows the file to be downloaded directly to their device.

The backend process typically involves securing the file on a server, creating a link that users can access to download the file, and implementing security measures (like password-protecting a PDF) to prevent unauthorized access.

Examples of Digital Downloads

Digital downloads have many use cases across industries. Here are some of the most common use cases for downloadable products:

  • Educational Materials
  • Music and Video
  • Software Distribution
  • Art and Graphics
  • Digital Media
  • Games
  • Printable Files

How to Create a Digital Download Link

Clickly makes it easy to share your digital downloads with users and customers. Here’s how:

  1. Open you Clickly dashboard.
  2. On the left side menu, click ‘File Hosting‘ then click ‘Upload Files‘.
  3. Drag and drop your digital download file into the file field.
  4. (Optional) Add password protection, expiration conditions, or customize your link slug.
  5. Click ‘Upload‘ to generate your downloadable link.

Generate & Share Digital Downloads with Clickly

Creating a digital download link is a powerful way to distribute content directly to your audience, providing them instant access and a seamless user experience. By following these steps, businesses and creators can efficiently manage and distribute their digital products to a global audience.

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