How to Find an IP Address by Phone Number

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Many people wonder if it’s possible to find someone’s IP address using just their phone number. This article explores the feasibility of this task and provides insights into the methods that might be used to achieve it.

Can I Find Someone’s IP Address with a Phone Number?

While it is possible to get someone’s IP address with a phone number, there are laws and barriers to prevent this from happening.

IP addresses are assigned to internet-connected devices by internet service providers (ISPs), and these IPs are not directly linked to phone numbers in a publicly accessible manner.

Privacy laws and telecommunications regulations generally prevent the public linking of IP addresses to personal identifiers like phone numbers without a legal basis.

How to Find an IP Address with a Phone Number

Although you cannot directly find an IP address from a phone number, there are indirect methods that might be used legally depending on the context:

Legal Requests

In cases involving law enforcement or legal proceedings, authorities can submit requests to telecom companies or ISPs to link an IP address with a phone number as part of an investigation.

This process is strictly governed by law and typically requires a court order.

Using Apps and Services

Some apps and services require both internet and phone number verification. In theory, if you control such a service, you could log the IP addresses when the phone number is used for validation or service access.

This method is also subject to privacy laws and the terms of service of the platform.

Consent-Based Tracking

If you need to track the IP address for legitimate purposes, like network management or troubleshooting, you can ask the individual to visit a web page or use an app that logs IP addresses with their consent.


In conclusion, while finding an IP address directly through a phone number isn’t accessible due to privacy laws and technical limitations, there are specific scenarios where it might be possible through legal channels or with explicit consent.

Always ensure that any attempt to obtain such information complies with local laws and respect for privacy.

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