How to Backorder a Domain Name

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Securing the perfect domain name can be a crucial advantage for any business. However, the best domain names are often already taken. This is where domain backordering comes into play. This article explores domain backordering, how it works, who offers these services, and how to backorder a domain name.

What is a Domain Backorder?

A domain backorder is a service that allows individuals to submit a request to register a domain name once it expires.

This service gives you a better chance of securing a domain name as soon as it is released, typically when the current registration expires and the original owner does not renew it.

How Do Domain Backorders Work?

Domain backordering involves placing a “reservation” on a domain name before it becomes publicly available for registration. Here’s the general process:


The service provider monitors the desired domain, keeping track of its registration status.

Attempt to Register

If and when the domain expires, the backordering service will automatically attempt to register it on behalf of the client.


If the attempt is successful, the domain is secured for the client. If multiple backorders are placed on a domain through different providers, it typically goes to auction.

    Who Offers Domain Backordering?

    Many domain registrars and hosting providers offer backordering services. Notable companies include:

    • GoDaddy Auctions
    • NameJet
    • SnapNames
    • DropCatch

    Each provider may have different processes for backordering, including varied fees, auction formats, and success rates.

    How to Backorder a Domain Name

    If there’s a domain name you’re interested in and want to acquire it upon expiry, you’ll want to submit a backorder request. Here’s how:

    1. Choose a Provider: Select a reputable domain backordering service. Consider factors such as success rate, price, and user reviews.
    2. Search for Your Domain: Use the provider’s search tool to find the domain you are interested in and check its status.
    3. Place Your Backorder: If the domain is eligible for backordering, you can place your order and pay any required fee. This fee is usually only paid if the backorder is successful.
    4. Wait for Expiry: The service provider will monitor the domain and try to register it on your behalf as soon as it becomes available.
    5. Participate in Auctions: If the domain capture is contested by multiple backorder customers, it may go to an auction where you will have the opportunity to bid against others.

    Domain Backorder FAQ

    What happens if I don’t win the auction?

    If you do not win the auction, typically, your initial backorder fee is refunded or it may not be charged at all, depending on the provider’s policy.

    Can I backorder a domain that is not expiring soon?

    Yes, you can place a backorder on any domain regardless of its expiry date, though you will have to wait longer for it to potentially become available.

    Is backordering a domain name guaranteed to work?

    No, backordering does not guarantee that you will obtain the domain, especially if there are multiple backorders or the original owner decides to renew it.


    By understanding the mechanisms of domain backordering and carefully selecting a service provider, you can increase your chances of securing a highly coveted domain name for your brand. This proactive approach is essential for anyone looking to establish a strong online presence in today’s digital marketplace.

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