How to Create a Restaurant Website

How to Create a Restaurant Website

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Your restaurant’s website serves as the digital front door of your establishment, inviting customers to explore your menu, ambiance, and unique offerings before they even step foot inside. This article explains how to create a website for a restaurant and the benefits of owning your one.

What is a Restaurant Website?

A restaurant’s website provides potential customers with its location, hours of operation, menu, and functionality for online reservations and ordering.

Benefits of Your Own Restaurant Website

Owning a restaurant website comes with several advantages:

Brand Identity: A website allows you to establish and promote your brand identity. It’s a platform where you control the narrative and presentation.

Increased Visibility: With proper SEO implementation, your website can rank higher in search engine results, bringing more customers to your restaurant.

Direct Sales and Reservations: By facilitating online bookings and even online orders, your website can become a direct revenue-generating tool without the need for intermediaries.

Customer Data Collection: Owning your site allows you to collect valuable data on customer preferences and behaviors, which can be used to tailor marketing strategies and enhance the dining experience.

How to Create a Restaurant Website For Free

Clickly makes it easy to create a simple restaurant website. Here’s how to get started:

  1. In your Clickly dashboard, click ‘Bio Pages‘ then click ‘Create Bio‘.
  2. Enter a name, domain name, and link slug, then click ‘Create‘.
  3. In the Content tab, click ‘Add Link or Content‘ to add contact information, FAQs, hours of operation, and menus.
  4. Click the OpenTable integration and add your restaurant ID to enable online reservations.
  5. In the Social Links tab, add your restaurant’s social media pages to your site.
  6. In the Appearance tab, customize and design your website to showcase your restaurant.
  7. In the Settings tab, update your SEO and content settings.

Once you finish and save your website settings, you’ll be able to share your restaurant’s website online and attract more customers. Our paid plans also include branded links, custom domains, branded QR codes, and much more.

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