How to Send a Monopoly Go Link

How to Send a Monopoly Go Link

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Monopoly Go transforms the classic board game into an interactive online experience, allowing players to connect from anywhere in the world. Understanding what a Monopoly Go link is, exploring its types, including innovative dice links, and learning how to create and send these links will enhance your digital gameplay.

What is My Monopoly Go Link?

A Monopoly Go link is a unique URL that directs players to a specific Monopoly Go game session.

It serves as an invitation to join the game, ensuring all participants land in the right virtual room to start playing together immediately.

Types of Monopoly Go Links

Monopoly Go links can vary, catering to different game setups and player interactions:

  • Private Game Link: Designed for closed sessions with friends or family, these links offer a secure and private gaming environment.
  • Public Game Link: These links are open to anyone with the URL, perfect for those looking to join a game with new and varied players.
  • Dice Links: Dice links are a fun twist that allow players to influence the game by rolling dice through a link. This feature adds an extra layer of interaction and excitement, particularly in large group settings.

How to Get a Monopoly Go Link

Generating a Monopoly Go link is simple:

  1. Open Monopoly Go: Launch the app or website.
  2. Create a Game: Set up your game by choosing between a private or public session.
  3. Generate the Link: The platform will automatically provide a unique link for your specific game session.

How to Send a Monopoly Go Link

Your Monopoly Go links can be shared on Facebook, text message, email, and any other platform. Once you have your link:

  1. Copy the Link: Click on the link to copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Distribute the Link: Share it via social media, email, or direct messaging. Choose the method that best suits your audience.
  3. Customize the link: Paste your link into our free URL shortener to create a custom link.

How to Create Dice Links for Monopoly Go

Creating dice links involves a few additional steps:

  1. Access Game Settings: While in your game session, go to the game settings or control menu.
  2. Select ‘Create Dice Link’: Choose this option to generate a unique dice roll link.
  3. Share the Dice Link: Send this link to players during the game to let them roll the dice. This is especially useful for engaging players who might be waiting for their turn or watching the game.

To redeem Monopoly Go dice links, simply click the link to see if it’s redeemable in your account.