How to Send a Large File by Text Message

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Text messaging, a universal communication method, often comes to mind for rapid sharing. However, when it comes to sending large files, many wonder about the feasibility and limitations of this method. This article explores whether you can send files via text, the restrictions on file sizes for text messages, and how to circumvent these limitations to send large files effectively.

Can Files be Sent by Text?

Yes, files can be sent via text message, also known as SMS.

However, this method is typically suited for small files, such as images or small PDFs, due to size constraints imposed by carriers.

For larger files, alternative methods may be required to ensure successful delivery.

How Big of a File Can You Text?

The file size limit for sending files via SMS is generally small, usually around 1MB, depending on the carrier and the mobile device.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), which allows for the sending of media files like photos and videos, also has limitations, often capped at around 3.5MB.

That being said, by texting a link to a file instead of just the file, then there is no limit to how large a file can be texted.

How to Send a Large File by Text

Clickly makes it easy to send large files via SMS text. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Clickly dashboard.
  2. On the left side menu, click ‘File Hosting‘ then click ‘Upload Files‘.
  3. Drag and drop your large file into the file section, then click ‘Upload‘.
  4. Copy the shortened file link and paste it into your text message.

Send Large Files by text with Clickly

By utilizing Clickly’s file sharing and short link features, the limitation on file size for text messages can be bypassed.

This method not only allows for the efficient sharing of large files but also maintains the convenience and immediacy of text messaging.

It’s a seamless solution that leverages the best of both digital communication and cloud storage technologies.