How to Send a PDF by Text Message

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Sending a PDF by text message is a convenient way to distribute important files like event invitations, tickets, business documents, or educational materials directly to someone’s mobile device. This guide explores the common use cases for sending PDFs via text and provides a step-by-step approach to do so seamlessly.

How to Send PDF by Text

  1. Open your Clickly dashboard.
  2. On the left side menu, click ‘File Hosting‘ then click ‘Upload Files‘.
  3. Drag and drop your PDF into the file section, then click ‘Upload‘.
  4. Copy the shortened file link and paste it into your text message.

The person receiving your text message will be able to click the PDF file link and download the file to their device.

Why Send a PDF By Text?

Here are some of the many use cases for texting a PDF file link:

Business Communications

Professionals often need to share contracts, invoices, or reports with clients and colleagues swiftly. Sending these documents as PDFs via text message ensures immediate delivery and acknowledgment.

Event Planning

For event organizers, sending invitations, tickets, or event schedules as PDFs through text messages can significantly enhance the attendee experience by providing easy access to essential information.

Educational Materials

Educators and tutors might find it convenient to send study materials, assignments, or schedules to students as PDFs, ensuring that the information is readily available on their most frequently used device.

Personal Use

Whether sharing a recipe, a travel itinerary, or a scanned document with friends and family, sending a PDF by text can make the exchange of information more straightforward and accessible.

Generate PDF File Links with Clickly

By using Clickly, you can efficiently send a PDF by text message, ensuring your documents reach their intended recipients quickly and securely. This method not only streamlines communication but also leverages the use of mobile devices to make information exchange more effective.

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