How to Create Temporary Download Links

How to Create Temporary Download Links

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Temporary download links provide a secure solution by allowing files to be accessible for a limited time. This article explains what temporary download links are, provides examples, and guides you on how to create them.

What is a Temporary Download Link?

A temporary download link is a URL that gives access to a file for a limited period or a set number of downloads.

After the link expires, it becomes invalid, preventing unauthorized access and reducing the risk of data leaks.

This type of expiring link is ideal for sharing confidential information, software downloads, or large files.

Temporary Downloadable File Link Examples

  • Software Trials: Companies offering trial versions of their software can use temporary links to provide access for a limited time.
  • Confidential Documents: Legal and financial documents can be shared with expiration dates to ensure they are not accessed beyond the relevant period.
  • Event-specific Media: Event photos or videos can be shared temporarily, allowing downloads for attendees and then expiring after a few days.

How to Create a Temporary Download Link

Clickly makes it easy to share file links with temporary download access. Here’s how:

  1. In your Clickly dashboard, click ‘File Hosting‘ on the left side menu, then click ‘Upload Files‘.
  2. Drag and drop your file into the upload field.
  3. Add your temporary access rules, such as an expiration date or download limit.
  4. Click ‘Upload‘ to generate your temporary download link.


By using temporary download links, you can control file access and enhance security, making sure that only the right people have access to your data and only for the necessary amount of time.

This method is efficient, secure, and adaptable to various needs, from personal file sharing to corporate data management.