How to Add a Tumblr Link in Bio

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Whether you’re looking to promote a cause, showcase your portfolio, or simply connect with your followers on other platforms, adding a link to your Tumblr bio is a straightforward yet powerful tool. This blog post explores the feasibility, requirements, use cases, and steps to add a link to your Tumblr bio.

Can You Put a Link in Your Tumblr Bio?

Yes, you absolutely can! Tumblr allows users to customize their blog’s bio, including the addition of hyperlinks.

This feature can be used to direct visitors to external websites, social media profiles, online stores, and more, right from your Tumblr profile.

Requirements for a Tumblr Link in Bio

Tumblr’s flexibility means there are no strict requirements to add a link to your bio.

Unlike some social media platforms that restrict link usage based on follower count or account type, Tumblr provides all users with the capability to embed links in their bios.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting, Tumblr gives you the creative freedom to enhance your bio with links.

How to Add a Link to Tumblr Bio

Adding a link to your Tumblr bio is an intuitive process. Follow these steps to customize your bio:

  1. Log Into Your Account: Start by logging into your Tumblr account and navigate to your dashboard.
  2. Access the Edit Profile Section: Click on the person icon to go to your account settings, then select “Edit appearance” to modify your blog’s profile.
  3. Edit Your Bio: In the “Edit appearance” section, find the bio or description area. Here, you can add text, including the URL you wish to link.
  4. Create the Hyperlink: To turn your URL into a clickable link, you need to use a bit of HTML. Simply wrap your URL with the anchor tag: <a href="YOURURL">Click Here</a>, replacing “YOURURL” with the link you want to share and “Click Here” with the text you want displayed.
  5. Save Your Changes: Once you’ve added your link, save your changes. Your Tumblr profile will now feature a clickable link in the bio, inviting visitors to explore beyond your Tumblr blog.

Need a Link in Bio for Your Tumblr?

If you’re looking to create a link in bio page for your Tumblr bio, check out our free link in bio feature. All of our plans offer bio links to showcase all of your links in one place.

While adding a link to your Tumblr bio is simple, consider using our free link shortener to make your URL more shorter and easier to click.

Incorporating a link into your Tumblr bio effectively bridges the gap between your Tumblr presence and other online platforms or causes important to you.

By following the steps outlined above, you can maximize your Tumblr blog’s potential and create a more interconnected online presence.

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