What is T.co?

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T.co is the official URL shortening service used by Twitter, which automatically shortens URLs posted in tweets.

Introduced in 2011, t.co was developed to streamline link sharing on the platform and enhance user experience by saving space in tweets, allowing more room for meaningful content while maintaining the maximum tweet length constraint.

The service also provides Twitter with mechanisms to track click data and protect users from malicious sites.

How Does Twitter URL Shortening Work?

When a user posts a URL in a tweet, Twitter automatically converts it into a shortened t.co link.

This shortened version, despite taking up fewer characters, redirects to the original URL once clicked.

Internally, Twitter processes these links through its redirect server, which logs clicks and checks the destination site against a list of potentially dangerous websites to ensure user safety.

The transformation into a t.co link occurs seamlessly, and users see only the shortened version in tweets.

Why Are Twitter Short Links Used?

The utilization of t.co links serves multiple purposes:

  • Conservation of Space: Tweets are limited in length, and using shortened URLs maximizes the space available for text. This is particularly valuable in a platform where every character counts.
  • Safety and Security: Twitter scans URLs for malicious content before a tweet is posted, reducing the risk of spreading malware and phishing attacks among users.
  • Analytics: Shortened links allow Twitter to track how many times a link is clicked. This data is crucial for businesses and marketers who rely on Twitter for promotion and need to measure the effectiveness of their content.

How to Shorten Links on Twitter

To create a shortened link on Twitter, all you need to do is post your long URL into a tweet.

However, the shortened t.co link will not be visible or available for you to use elsewhere. A link checker can be used to see the destination URL behind the shortened Twitter link.

To create short URLs for Twitter, go to our URL shortener to create your own custom Twitter short link.


Twitter’s t.co service not only helps in keeping tweets neat and within the character limit but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the platform’s integrity and providing valuable insights into link engagement.

Whether you’re sharing a memorable article or promoting a business, t.co ensures that your content is delivered effectively and safely.

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