WordPress Recovery Mode: What it is & How it Works

WordPress Recovery Mode: What it is & How it Works

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Introduced in WordPress 5.2, Recovery Mode is a crucial tool for site management, especially when encountering critical errors. This blog post explores the functionality of Recovery Mode, its importance, and how to effectively utilize it to maintain site stability and security.

What is WordPress Recovery Mode?

Recovery Mode is an automatic feature that activates when WordPress encounters a fatal error, usually from plugin or theme conflicts that prevent the site from loading properly.

When such an error occurs, the administrator receives an email with a link to access the site in Recovery Mode.

This mode allows administrators to safely manage and troubleshoot the website without the site being down for visitors.

Benefits of WordPress Recovery Mode

Isolated Troubleshooting: Recovery Mode disables the problematic plugins or themes causing the error but keeps them active for logged-in administrators. This isolation helps pinpoint the issue without affecting site functionality for users.

Safe User Experience: While you troubleshoot, visitors continue to see the normal website, ensuring that the user experience remains uninterrupted.

Direct Problem Notification: The automated email sent when Recovery Mode activates includes information about the specific error, helping you address the issue more effectively.

    How to Use WordPress Recovery Mode

    1. Access Recovery Mode: Use the link provided in the error notification email to enter Recovery Mode. This link is unique and secure, ensuring that only site administrators can make changes.
    2. Deactivate Problematic Extensions: Once in Recovery Mode, WordPress will indicate which plugin or theme caused the error. You can then deactivate the problematic extension directly from the dashboard.
    3. Test and Resolve Issues: Test other plugins and themes to ensure compatibility and functionality before reactivating the original plugin or theme. It might require updating or replacing if the issue persists.


    WordPress Recovery Mode is an essential feature for website administrators, offering a safe environment to diagnose and fix critical errors without impacting the end-user experience.

    By effectively utilizing Recovery Mode, administrators can ensure their site remains operational, secure, and optimized, even amidst technical difficulties.

    Regular updates and cautious monitoring of new plugin installations or updates are best practices that help minimize the chances of encountering severe errors.