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Email Link Generator is a free mailto link generator powered by Clickly. Generate a short link that opens your default email platform and auto-populates an email address, subject line, carbon-copy addresses, and blind-carbon-copy addresses. 

What is an Email Link?

An email link, often referred to as a mailto link, is a type of hyperlink that opens the default email software on the computer or mobile device with a pre-addressed email template.

This convenience eliminates the need for copying email addresses and opening an email client manually, thereby streamlining communication.

How Do Email Links Work?

Email links are powered by the mailto: protocol, which browsers recognize as a command to open the user’s email application.

When a user clicks on a mailto link, the browser fetches this protocol, triggering the email client to open a new message window.

This window can be pre-populated with a recipient’s email address, subject line, and even a body text depending on how the link is structured.

How to Create an Email Link in HTML

Clickly makes it easy to create email links in seconds. Here’s how you can do it in HTML and through our email link generator:

  1. Start by using this mailto HTML template:
  2. Replace the bolded text with your desired email addresses and subject line.

How to Create a Click-to-Email Hyperlink

Using the example above, we can create a clickable text or button that opens the email link automatically.

  1. Start by using this click-to-email HTML template: <a href=”“>Click Here</a>
  2. Replace the bolded text with your desired email addresses.
  3. Replace ‘Click Here‘ to customize the hyperlink text.

Simplify Email Linking with Clickly

Clickly makes it easy to improve your email marketing efforts with unsubscribe links, email click tracking, and much more. By implementing these links, businesses and individuals can enhance the user experience, increase the efficiency of their communication, and ensure that initiating contact is as effortless as clicking a link.

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