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Facebook Link Shortener is a free short link generator powered by Clickly. Using short URLs on Facebook makes it easier to share links on someone’s page or via DM. You can also create short Facebook links to share your Facebook page on other platforms. Enter any long Facebook URL and create a clean, simple short link that’s easy to share for free.

What is a Facebook Link Shortener?

A Facebook link shortener is a tool that simplifies long URLs into shorter, manageable links to be used on Facebook.

These shortened URLs enhance the visual appeal of your posts, making them more clickable and trackable.

It’s a strategy for those aiming to maintain a sleek, professional look in their digital communications.

Why Use Short Links on Facebook?

Short links enhance the aesthetic of your posts, making them more engaging to your audience.

They also provide valuable insights through tracking, helping you understand audience behavior.

Moreover, short links can include branding elements, increasing recognition and trust in your content.

How to Shorten Facebook Links

Shortening Facebook links is straightforward with Clickly’s free tools. Here’s how:

  1. Paste your URL into the long URL field.
  2. Click ‘Shorten‘ to generate your short Facebook link.
  3. Share the link on Facebook and across social media.

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