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Fake Link Generator is a free dummy URL generator powered by Clickly. Create test links, decoy links, or prank links for free in seconds.

What is a Fake Link?

A fake links, otherwise known as a false link or decoy link, is a string of text containing a hyperlink without linking to a URL.

Fake links look and act like standard hyperlinks, but when clicked on, do not actually link to anything.

Fake Link Example

The only difference between a real link and a fake one is that when clicking on a fake link, nothing happens. Try it out on this example of a fake link:

Click Here

But how does it work?

Most of the time, HTML is used to hyperlink a string of text. The difference with fake links is that there is no URL within the HTML. Here’s what this looks like in code form:

<a href="#">Click Here</a>

Normally a full URL would go between the quote in the HTML code. But for a fake link, a pound sign is used to create the hyperlink effect without really linking anywhere.

The link can be renamed simply by replacing ‘Click Here’ with the desired text.

Fake Link Use Cases

There are not many reasons to use fake links, but here are some use cases you should be aware of:

  • Prank Links
  • Rick Roll Links
  • Decoy Links
  • False Links
  • Spam Links
  • Testing Links
  • San Francisco Chronicle Fake Links

Of course, we do not recommend or condone spam links. However, sometimes users can be tricked into clicking something they didn’t intend to click.

Keep this in mind when clicking links online, or try our link checker to see the actual destination.

How to Create a Fake Link

Using our free generator, here’s how to can make a fake link you can copy and paste anywhere.

  1. Enter the text that will contain the fake link (anchor text)
  2. Click “Generate” to create the fake URL.
  3. Copy and paste the text anywhere that reads HTML to try it out.

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