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LinkedIn Link Shortener is a free short link generator powered by Clickly. Using short URLs on LinkedIn is an effective way to link to external content without a long URL string. You can also create short LinkedIn links to share your LinkedIn profile or business on other platforms. Enter any long LinkedIn URL and create a clean, simple short link that’s easy to share for free.

What is a LinkedIn Link Shortener?

A LinkedIn link shortener is a digital tool that reduces lengthy URLs to shorter, more manageable versions, ideal for sharing on LinkedIn.

Whether you’re posting content, sharing articles, or updating your profile, a shortened link provides a neater, more user-friendly way to distribute information, making it particularly beneficial for the professional context of LinkedIn.

Why Use LinkedIn Short Links?

The advantages of employing short links on LinkedIn are manifold.

Shortened URLs contribute to a more polished and professional appearance in posts and comments, encouraging higher engagement rates from your network.

They also occupy less character space, allowing for more concise and focused messaging.

Furthermore, short links afford tracking capabilities, offering insights into click-through rates and engagement levels—data that is invaluable for optimizing your LinkedIn strategy.

Additionally, customizing short links can enhance brand visibility and recall among your professional connections.

How to Shorten LinkedIn Links

Shortening links for LinkedIn is straightforward with Clickly. Follow these steps:

  1. Paste your URL into the long URL field.
  2. Click ‘Shorten‘ to generate your short LinkedIn link.
  3. Share your short link on LinkedIn and across the web.

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