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SMS Link Generator is a free click-to-text link generator provided by Clickly. Generate a custom link that auto-populates a phone number and text message in your device’s SMS sender.

What is an SMS Link?

An SMS link is a type of hyperlink that initiates a text message when clicked.

Instead of redirecting the user to a webpage, an SMS link opens the messaging app on the user’s device, creating a seamless pathway to send a text message to a predetermined number.

This innovative approach to marketing makes connecting with customers instant and accessible with just a click.

How Do SMS Links Work?

SMS links function by utilizing the “sms:” protocol in a URL, which browsers and mobile operating systems recognize as an instruction to open the text messaging application.

These links can be customized to include a recipient’s phone number and can even pre-populate a message that will appear in the text message body.

Here’s an example SMS URL that includes a phone number and a pre-populating message:


When a user clicks on an SMS link, their device’s default messaging app opens, ready to send a message to the specified number, streamlining the communication process.

Click to Text Use Cases

SMS links are versatile and can be utilized in various scenarios by businesses and individuals alike.

Customer Support

Businesses can include SMS links on their contact page or in email signatures to offer customers a direct line to text message-based support.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketers can use SMS links in emails, social media posts, or digital ads to encourage immediate engagement through text messaging, such as signing up for exclusive deals.

Event Reminders

Organizations can embed SMS links in digital invitations or reminders, allowing recipients to quickly confirm attendance or ask questions via text message.

Feedback Collection

Companies can simplify the feedback process by sending SMS links that lead to a pre-written message prompting users to reply with their thoughts or ratings.

How to Create an SMS Link in HTML

Creating an SMS link is straightforward and does not require advanced technical skills. Here’s how to do it with HTML:

  1. Copy & paste this reference URL where you’ll make the link: sms:+example-phone?&body=example-message
  2. Replace ‘example-phone‘ and ‘example-message‘ with your desired phone number and text message.
  3. Use this URL within a hyperlink or any platform that allows HTML formatting.

How to Create a Click-to-Text Short Link

Clickly makes it easy to create short URLs that redirect users to a text messaging app. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Clickly dashboard and go to the link tool.
  2. Enter the following SMS example protocol into the URL field: sms:+example-phone?&body=example-message
  3. Replace the placeholders with your desired phone number and message.
  4. Click ‘Shorten‘ to create a short link that opens and sends a text message.

Start Creating SMS URLs with Clickly

Incorporating SMS links into your digital strategy offers a direct and personal way to engage with your audience, enhancing communication and engagement efforts.

By following these simple steps, you can create effective click-to-text links, opening up a new channel for instant interaction.

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