Spotify Link Shortener

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Spotify Link Shortener is a free short link generator powered by Clickly. Whether for sharing a new song with friends or posting a custom playlist online, short Spotify links make sharing your favorite music so much easier. Enter any long URL from Spotify and create a clean, simple short link that’s easy to share by email, social media, and anywhere else online. 

What is a Spotify Link Shortener?

A Spotify link shortener is a digital tool designed to condense long Spotify track or playlist URLs into shorter, more manageable versions.

These shortened URLs not only enhance the appearance of your promotional materials but also make your links easier to share and track, ensuring a more streamlined and effective approach to online music promotion.

Why Use Spotify Short Links?

Employing short links in your Spotify marketing efforts offers many benefits.

Shortened links present a neater, more appealing way to share your music, boosting the likelihood of clicks.

They also enable precise tracking of listener engagement, offering insights into play rates and the success of your promotional strategies.

Furthermore, customized short links can strengthen your brand identity, making your music links immediately recognizable to your audience.

How to Shorten Spotify Links

Creating short links for Spotify is a simple process with the help of our Spotify URL shortener. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Paste your URL into the long URL field.
  2. Click ‘Shorten‘ to generate the short Spotify link.
  3. Share your Spotify short link online.